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Take back your life from this post Ulcerative Colitis condition.

If you are like me, the road with Pouchitis has probably been long one.  
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I understand the many struggles and sacrifices when you battle Colitis, Pouchitis or Irritable Bowel .  I'm a 40 year male who was diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis in 1994.   When I look back, I sometimes wonder how I dealt with it all.  Here is my Colitis and Pouchitis history:

DON'T ACCEPT HAving Pouchitis & colitis

Throughout my condition with Ulcerative Colitis and Pouchitis I've accepted my limitations with travel and diet.  How I travel, where I travel and what I eat.  Planning a long trip in the car, no breakfast for me. Off course there are a bunch of other sacrifices we make every day and probably don't give them much thought. 


Today I have reached my goals and feel 100% healthy.  My Pouchitis regiment has helped me break away from super antibiotics like CIPRO and reduce my trips to the bathroom.  I now take less Imodium, sleep better and wake up more invigorated.  I'm not a doctor, but my 18 years post of experience with this post Colitis condition has provided me a wealth of information.   I cannot guarantee my success story will be your success story, but I can assure you that taking 15 minutes to read my Pouchitis guide will give you great insight for dealing with this condition and solutions for making a change.    I didn't reinvent the wheel, I simply analyzed what has worked and eliminated what hasn't.  You have everything you need to improve your lifestyle today. 






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